eZ-Ops Autotrading

eZ-Ops Autotrading and Algotrading

Seize continuous market opportunities


Using our eZ-Ops Autotrading module, you will be able to roll out highly flexible trading strategies on both power and gas European markets. Define the volumes to trade, the price limits you want to set and how to interact with a live volatile market and let our algorithms buy and sell accordingly. Standard available algorithms are:

  • eZ-Close: Close opened positions

  • eZ-Flex:   Optimal use of a flexibility

  • eZ-Gen:   Optimise your production schedules incl. ramping periods

Available parameters will enable you to fine tune your trading strategy (volume variations over time, absolute and dynamic price limits, price taker or market marker strategy…)

As Autotrading is just one piece of the puzzle, our eZ-Ops solution enables automated nominations whenever a trade is made. It also enables generation assets automated re-scheduling.

eZ-nergy has the status of Independent Software Vendor (ISV) bor both day-ahead and intraday markets on EPEX Spot and Nord Pool.

Should you wish to integrate our scheduling functionalities in your own tools or code, you could as well use our REST API.