We founded eZ-nergy on the basis of our energy markets and IT software expertises. We are happy to bring our services to IT staff and dispatchers team and make their (operational) life easier!

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    Johann Zamboni

    Co-founder & CEO
    • Business development, strategy & finance
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    Adrien Patenôtre

    Co-founder & CTO
    • IT solutions & architecture
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    Jean Angotti

    Co-founder & COO
    • 24/7 operations & scheduling

We are constantly looking for news talents. So do not hesitate to send us your motivations to be part of our adventure!

Opened positions will be published on our linkedin company page but you can also contact us directly here.

Every day, our developers and 24/7 dispatchers teams are constantly looking for new ideas, new services, new implementations. Just focus on your strategy and rely on our solutions. Forget about IT, forget about execution, leave it to our teams!