24/7 service

The 24/7 service provider

for European energy markets

Outsourced dispatching and scheduling services

Focus on your strategy and outsource all or part of your power and gas operations. We act as a neutral and independant service provider. Rely on a highly skilled and available third party.

Dispatching team

Skilled team

Acts on your behalf as a neutral
and independant team
Quick thinking and highly commited team
with high knowledge of European
energy markets operations

High availability

Nominations and scheduling

We adapt to your needs and internal organisation:
out of office hours, week-ends, 24/7…
We schedule and nominate your
power and gas deals and positions


Power assets / DR

We balance and optimise your energy portfolios
on the basis of your own strategies for both
day-ahead and intraday
Our team handles power generation assets &
demand response scheduling, real-time follow-up
and on/off actions

In-house IT applications


We rely on our own in-house and fully automated
eZ-Operations application.
No need to provide your own IT tools
Easy system interfaces between our systems
and yours (ETRM, deal capture, forecast…)